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choosing the right medium to engage the audience

It's great to do the research and to capture the tales, but we need to make sure they don't stay locked away in computer files or boxes. The key to communicating family stories is choosing the right medium. There's a myriad of methods that can be used to engage all generations. With many years of communication experience, I can help you work out what is best for your needs.

Just a few of the ways I can help you to share your stories include:

  • creating family tree charts and reports from your information (printed or digital)
  • editing your family history manuscript
  • conducting oral history interviews (audio and/or video) to be shared in digital format with written transcripts
  • writing micro-tales from your family story (digital and/or printed)
  • advising you on on-line options for your stories, such as creating a blog or social media group
  • creating annotated maps to illustrate your family story
  • creating slideshows of photos or documents (with captions, if required)
  • compiling photo essays

Each of these options and its final output is as unique as the stories you want to tell, so I offer a free no-obligation 30 minute discussion where we can chat about what you want to share and with what audience(s). After that, I prepare a scope of the project with a quote of the cost before you give me the go-ahead by signing a service agreement and paying an upfront retainer.

Let's get started!

Acknowledgement of Country

I was born in Western Australia to Scottish migrant parents and grew up on the lands of the Wadjuk and Ballardong people of the Noongar nation.  Now,  I live and work in Melbourne on the lands of the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung people of the Kulin nation.  I pay my respects to all their elders past and present.

I also acknowledge the important role elders everywhere play in maintaining the tradition of storytelling.

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